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Few people even my close friends, know the other side of me that involves writing- a gift that i excelled in during my high school days only to become lazy at it once i finished my high school sojourn.

Writing is a leisure activity that helps me connect with my emotions around a particular topic ,allows me an opportunity to vent my frustrations or share my knowledge and skills relating to any social discourse in society. By curating this blog, i see an opportunity of preserving my ideas for future reference while allowing the public and friends to come along with me as to when i get to put them down on this platform.

I invite you to share your comments to help me enrich my thoughts on certain societal issues even if my bias might be on matters relating to disability and inequalities that we witness in our modern society. Let us disagree but respect each others opinions for it is only plurality of thoughts that will enable us find solutions to challenges that face our society in the 21st century.

For those who had no idea, now you know i am that reluctant writer that lived in your midst without getting known for a simple reason of sleeping on that gift that i decide to share with you going forward.

Be my guest on these streets …..

Yours the reluctant blogger,

Fredrick Ouko

Published by Fredrick

I am a social entrepreneur who believes in social good and finding solutions to challenges that face humankind I believe that this universe has enough for all of us.We should share it equitably!

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