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  • Towards an inclusive and progressive workforce

    On first May, we all pause to celebrate the contributions made by workers to our country`s and indeed global economy through their sweat in various sectors. The typical news from various governments is an increase in the minimum wage package, Kenya hasn`t had any increase for the last four years due to contestation by employers… Read…

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    Towards an inclusive and progressive workforce
  • Global Disability Summit 2022: another talkshop?

    In 2018, the government of Kenya co-hosted the first global disability summit with the government of United Kingdom (UK) in London. This was hailed as the biggest meet-up around disability agenda bringing together governments, development organizations, business entities, organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) and their allies that led to commitments meant to advance the rights of… Read…

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    Global Disability Summit 2022: another talkshop?
  • Falling down “a good one!”

    I am sure many of you have been victims of your body`s disobedience to the law of gravity and motion as discovered by one Isaac Newton. Your body refused to carry the weight within it and thus resting it on the ground with a sound lacking English words for its description, but in Swahili, one… Read…

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    Falling down “a good one!”
  • Covid-19 Response: Inclusion of persons with disabilities as an afterthought.

    It has been a while since the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus, a pandemic and marshalling the global might of governments, UN agencies, bilateral institutions, businesses and citizenry towards its response. On everyone`s tongue is Covid-19 and its effects to humanity and world economy, various measures have had to be employed globally to curtail the… Read…

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    Covid-19 Response: Inclusion of persons with disabilities as an afterthought.
  • The most effective strategies for challenging economic and social inequalities, a case for Kenya

    In the recent past, the subject of inequalities has gained a huge focus from different quarters of the world`s politic; broadness of the subject matter referring to the measurement of imbalance or skewed distribution in a system, which may be social, economic, political, diverse and the likes. Economic inequality thus refers to how economic metrics… Read…

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  • Fredrick Ouko the blogger

    Few people even my close friends, know the other side of me that involves writing- a gift that i excelled in during my high school days only to become lazy at it once i finished my high school sojourn. Writing is a leisure activity that helps me connect with my emotions around a particular topic… Read…

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